Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile goes a long way and feeling good about your smile does too! In addition to general dentistry visits, cosmetic dentistry allows you to repair and restore your smile. With many different options, cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always wanted! A trip to your dentist can give you an idea of what you’d like to do to improve your smile and how to get there!

Fillings/Tooth Bonding

Cavities are a very common dental problem when teeth start to decay. Normally, tooth fillings are used to protect minor cavities and keep them from getting worse. Outside of cavities, this same material used to fill cavities can also be used to restore discolored, chipped and broken teeth. Tooth bonding is simply applying resin material and adhering it to the tooth to improve the look of chipped or discolored teeth. Tooth bonding is a great, affordable way to improve the look of a tooth in just one visit! The resin material is color-matched to your tooth and blends in nicely with your smile!

Dental Bridges

In some cases, a dental bridge can be used when replacing a missing tooth. The bridge is attached to a tooth on either side of the gap and creates an anchor in the gap for a dental crown to be placed. Bridges are a great option for permanently fixing a missing tooth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to replace a missing tooth or used as a cap over an existing, damaged tooth. If a tooth can be saved from extraction but needs protection, a crown may be recommended to cover the tooth to improve the look of the tooth or save your tooth from spreading decay. A dental crown can be color-matched to your existing teeth so it blends in naturally with your smile!


Similar to a crown, veneers improve the look of a tooth by covering it. However, a veneer covers only the outside of a tooth. A veneer can be used to cover a discolored or damaged tooth and can make a big difference in your smile! Like crowns, veneers are color-matched to your surrounding teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is great way to improve your smile in just one visit! In a little over an hour, you can walk out of your dentist’s office with a noticeably whiter smile. We also offer take-home whitening trays as well if you’d rather do your teeth whitening gradually at home. Either option will brighten your smile and reverse the staining on your teeth!

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Milpitas, CA, and would like a consultation with your dentist, call us today! Your dentist can show you a treatment plan and payment options for what you’d like to do to improve your smile!