Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Are you looking for a solution to replace a missing tooth? A missing tooth can make chewing difficult and smiling uncomfortable. Missing teeth can also cause your permanent teeth to start shifting once there is an open gap. There are a few options when replacing missing teeth and one of those options is dental implants. Dental implants are placed over a few months’ time. Posts and anchors are placed and once they are ready, a crown is secured in place. The crown is custom-made to fit your smile and color-matched to your surrounding teeth, so it blends in naturally. Although implants take a few months from start to finish, the result is worth it and provides a permanent fix for your missing tooth that can last a lifetime with proper upkeep!

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are very similar to regular dental implants. The biggest difference is size – a mini implant is about half the size of a regular implant. This doesn’t change the look of the actual crown placed on top, however the bottom part that the tooth anchors on is smaller. One reason you may choose a mini implant is if you lack bone density needed to support a regular implant. The process of placing mini implants is faster because it involves one less step than the regular implants. In fact, you can complete the process in just a few days as opposed to a few months with the regular implants. Your dentist can help you determine which type of implant is best for you!

Implant Supported Dentures

We are happy to offer Implant-Supported Dentures. With so many benefits, these worry-free dentures will have you smiling with confidence. Implant-Supported Dentures are created by first placing mini implants in the jaw. Then, connectors are placed on the bottom of the dentures to attach them to the implants. The dentures lock into place on the implants and remain secure while wearing them.

Advantages of these types of dentures opposed to regular dentures include:

  • More comfortable
  • You’ll have more confidence as they stay in place securely while eating, talking, etc.
  • Irritates the gum tissue less, saving you from as much pain and as many canker sores
  • More natural-looking because less material is used
  • No denture adhesives needed

If you are looking for implants in Milpitas, CA, or have questions about implant-supported dentures call us today to set up a consultation! Your dentist can answer any questions you have and help set up a treatment plan if implants are right for you!