Pediatric Dentistry

There’s no better time to start dental check-ups than at a young age! At Montague Dental Excellence, we want to make your child’s first dental experience a great one! Fear-free dentistry is our goal with every child and we strive to help each child smile a little bigger by the time they leave our office. Giving your child good dental memories at a young age can build a foundation of healthy dental habits and consistent dental visits for a lifetime!

Your Child’s First Visit

By your child’s first birthday, it is recommended that they have their first dental visit. If your child is already past the age of 1 and hasn’t seen a dentist, there’s no better time to schedule than now! Their dentist can evaluate their baby teeth and check for any early signs of decay or any areas of concern. The first visit is non-invasive, and their hygienist will gently clean their teeth, their dentist will examine their teeth and can answer any questions you may have.

After your child’s first check-up, we recommended returning every 6 months for a regular visit, fluoride treatments and a thorough cleaning. This allows the dentist to keep a look-out for any areas of concern and help ensure that your child has a continuously healthy smile.

Dental sealants are recommended once a child’s back molars have come in. These molars have deep grooves where cavities often form, and dental sealants can protect those back teeth from unnecessary decay.

How to Keep your Child’s Smile Healthy

The best thing you can do for your child’s smile is teach proper dental hygiene! Building daily brushing and flossing habits is crucial to their dental health. Kids should brush after every meal and at bedtime. Creating those important habits early will save them from dental problems in their future!

Make dental care fun for your child and schedule their first check-up today! If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Milpitas, CA, call our office today! We can’t wait to get your little one’s smile off to the right start and help them create fun memories at the dentist!